Wildside Kerry Blue Terrier puppy or adult questionnaire for potential owners. Please number and answer each question in an email for all serious inquiries. diane@wildsidekerryblues.com

a. Name:

b. Phone:

c. E-Mail:

1. Have you ever owned a Kerry Blue Terrier?

2. If so, for how long?

3. Ever owned another breed? What kind and for how long?

4. Do you know how to train a dog, and are you able to take a dog to a training class?

5. Do you have any other animals?†

6. Do you understand/know the Terrier temperament?

7. Are you able to afford the upkeep of a Kerry Blue Terrier?

8. Kerry Blue Terriers must be groomed on a regular basis, by you or a professional groomer.† They must be groomed at least every 6 weeks.† Is this a problem for you?

9. Are you able to keep up with veterinary costs?

10. Do you have a fenced in back yard?

11. Do you have an electric fence? (Please note, I will NOT sell to anyone that has an electric fence or no fencing!)

12. If you donít have a fenced yard now, are you willing to put up a fence before you get a puppy?

13. Do you live in a house or apartment?

14. Do you own or rent your home?

15. Are you looking for a pet or show quality puppy?†

15a. Male or Female?

15b. Adult or puppy?

16. If you plan on a show pup, will you be showing the dog yourself or will you hire a handler?†

17. What are your breeding intentions? (If showing.)

(Please note:† All pet pups are sold with an AKC limited registration.† They cannot be shown in Confirmation, and if bred, their pups are not eligible for AKC registration.† However, pet pups can compete in Obedience, Agility, Rally, Fly ball and hunting trials. I will not sell to brokers/puppy millers or pet shops!)

18. Do you have children?

19. Ages of everyone in your household?

20. Do all the members of your household want a dog?†

21. Will only one person be involved with the training of the dog, or all family members?

21a. Please explain:

22. Where are you from?

23. If you can no longer keep the dog for any reason, are you going to be able to give the dog back to the breeder?

24. If you have any training or health issues, will you contact the breeder?

25. Are you willing to listen to and take the breeders advice?

26. Are you willing to do health testing?† Eg: hips, vWD, Factor II, eyes.

27. Can you get any referrals?

(Referrals can be from family members, trainers, friends, other breeders, rescue organizations, Animal rescue leagues, and Veterinarians.)

28. Are you willing to sign a contract?

29. Are you going to abide by the contract?

30. Anything else you would like to add: