The "Wildside" prefix began in 1962, with the first litter of Boxers my parents bred and showed. They had a litter of 4. Of which 3 became Champions, the 4th only needing 2 points to finish his Championship. But that's another story!

I was born in 1962, one month before that first litter of Boxers. It's why I joke around that I was born in a whelping box with Boxers! In 1978 (I was 15 years old) my father bought a Wire Fox Terrier from Ric Chashoudian who had a litter bred by Jim and Helen Hook of Mountain Ayre Kennels. This was the true beginning of Terriers for me. I then went to work for Ric Chashoudian, Woody Warnall and Clay and Bergit Coady at the shows. It was Ric who taught me how to groom my Wire Fox Terrier and other Terrier breeds that he was showing. Ric taught me how to bathe, brush and comb out a Kerry.

Back then I met Ray and Lou Perry of Tontine Kennels. I used to watch their dog Mauri in the ring. He was such a pretty and regal dog. Ray and Lou were so nice to me and Ray showed me some grooming techniques.

At one of the matches where we showed our Wire, a man came up to me and asked me if I would help him out and show one of his bitch puppies. They were just 6 months old. He told me to pick the one that I liked the best, to show. "Holly" and I picked each other! I even got to special her dam, "Katie" for a few shows. I don't know their registered names, but I do know that "Katie" was a Tontine bitch. I showed "Holly", up to 11 points. I never got to finish her, as her owner had moved across country. I was heart broken as I became so fond of Holly. Holly was so much fun to show and a great dog to have around. My Wire Fox Terrier, "Buzz", loved the Kerry girls and got along with them really well. They were always so happy when they saw each other. These two Kerries were the only dogs my dog Buzz, ever got along with!

Wire Fox Terrier
My first Terrier, "Buzz", Ch. Mountain Ayres Wine Ot Buzz On.
"Holly" the first Kerry I ever showed
"Katie", Holly's dam

In 1983, at the Great Western Terrier Club show, I was walking by Ray and Lou Perry's (Tontine), setup. I saw two 8 week old male puppies. Well needless to say, I bought one. He became CH. Cabochon's Indigo Blue. (Call name "Blue")

I bought my second Kerry a few years later. (After moving from California to Massachusetts.) That was in 1986. This one was all Terrier! Tough as nails, but great to live with. And good with her own pack of dogs. She became "CH. Kilkenny Spice of Wildside. (Call name "Tarry").

I 've mostly groomed and handled other peoples Kerries along with other terrier and working breeds, and continued showing some of my mothers' Boxers.

Ch. Cabochon's Indigo Blue
Ch. Wildside's Johnny Be Good "Aaron"

I didn't get into a real breeding program, until the purchase of (in May of 1993), of a beautiful bitch, that I finished in just 12 shows. She is CH. Ravenstone Rhythm. (Call name "Maggie"). She was just 15 months old when she finished.

I bred her to the dog I was specialing in 1995 and 1996. CH. Hilary's Finbar The Shadow. (Call name "Finbar") He was in the top 10 Kerries in '95 and was in the top 3 Kerries in '96. He was a multiple group winner and multiple group placer, with an award of merit at Montgomery in '96.
Out of that breeding, born on Oct. 10th 1995, of which only one out of 6 pups that survived, was a male puppy. "Ranger" finished his Championship when he was just 13 months old. He is also known as CH. Wildside's Lone Ranger. He was also a multiple group placing dog, in just 10 times shown as a special, and under the age of 2 years old!

The Schaefer's (Wedgewood) and I co-bred a litter of pups. Born on 10/22/97. That litter consisted of only 2 bitches. One of them the Schaefer's kept, she is CH.Wedgewood's Blue Satin Lace (Lacey). And I took the other one, and after her first litter of puppies, we got serious! She was finished with 4 majors! And she got her Canadian Championship UNDEFEATED in the breed,with a group 2! And only specialed 3 times in Canada got 3 back to back group 1's!  She is known as: Am.Can. CH. Wedgewood Wildside's Dynasty. (Annie)

On Feb.14th, 2000, I bred "Ranger" to "Annie".  You can see their Champion get on this website.  Ranger is a sire of Merit with 5 Champions and Annie is a dam of Merit with 6 Champions to date.

"Annie's" top winning pup is Multi. Ch. Wildside's Silver Reign.  "Ian".  He sired 2 Am. Champion son's to date, both of which finished their Am. Championships with multiple breeds over top specials.  These two boys are out of Ch. Wildside's Why Not, (Ali).  The first son to finish is "Rhys".  He garnered all of his points from the Bred by class.  Along the way to his championship he recieved several group placements along the way. "Rhys" is a multiple group winner and Specialty Best In Show winner.

"Ali" is my second foundation bitch and has really proven herself in the ring and especially in the whelping box. She now has 5 American Champions and 2 Swedish Champions as of July, 2010!  2 more of her pups are on their way to their American Championships.

The Wildside tradition continues with a small breeding program. All dogs I breed and show are OFA certified. All the dogs I special, whether owned by myself or clients, are also OFA certified. Health, temperment, beauty, soundness of mind and body are my priorities.

On this website you will see my dogs. This site is always being updated so please keep coming back for more dogs and more news!   If you have any questions please feel free to email me!