The Kerry Blue Terrier is a stand apart breed like no other. The first things about the Kerry that people notice first is how pretty a dog he is. The color and the coat always attracts people to him. No one can resist feeling the coat. The amazement that I see on the peoples faces as they touch the coat is of pure delight at how soft they are. Being a non shedding hypoalergenic dog is a big plus too. After the initial ooh's and awes, the friendliness of the Kerry draws them in . Kerries love their people, are outgoing, friendly, intelegent and courageous. They are a hunting, guard dog and always have something funny on their minds. They love to make you laugh and yet are very sensative to your emotions.

The flip side to the Kerry is that he/she can be dog aggressive. A lot of the dog aggression has to do a lot with the way that the Kerry is trained. The Kerry also knows how to take over a household and become the spoiled bully of the family. Some of the cute funny things he did as a puppy won't be so cute and funny as an adult! Obedience training starting as soon as you get your new pup through adulthood is very important! Socializing with people and other dogs is a must! A well trained, behaved, Kerry makes for the best companion you will ever have.

To find out more about Kerries go to: This is the National Breed Clubs website.

When looking for a good trainer, be sure that trainer likes Kerries. If a trainer says something like this to you; "oh no, a Kerry", find a different trainer! There are good dog trainers out their that do like Terriers, but sometimes in certain areas they are hard to find. Kerries are very easy to train, but they can get bored very quickly if they are doing the same things over and over. So be sure to do a lot of different kind of training with him and he will be a great all around dog that will do anything for you.

What you need to have, (preferably before you bring your new Kerry home):

If you live in a home, to buy a Kerry from me, you must have a fully fenced in back yard. I will NOT sell to anyone with an Invisible Fence. This so called, fence, is not enough to keep your Kerry safe! Kerries are hunting dogs, when they see anything moving they chase it. If your dog should end up on the other side of the invisible fence, they will be shocked if they try to come back in the yard! Also, this type of so called fence will NOT keep out other animals and people. I know of too many horror stories about these fences and the false since of security they give the owners. One Kerry in particular, got shocked by this fence and instead of staying in the yard, it scared him so much that he ran out of the yard, down the street and was hit by a car and was killed.

The cost of putting up a fence can be from $100 on up. There are lots of diferent types of fencing you can put up. Put up the fence where you can just open the back door and let your Kerry outside and know that he/she is safe. Kerries don't need a huge yard, I don't expect anyone to fence in acres of land! A fence that is 4 feet high by 20' by 40' area is good. Of course the bigger the better for being able to go out and play with your Kerry!

What you need to have when you bring your Kerry home:

Crate, a 300 Vari Kennel. Collar and leash. Food and water bucket. A 2 quart water bucket and a clip, to hang on the wire on the side of the crate. A food bowl, a 2 quart coop cup to bolt onto the crate door. Dog Food, Brushes, combs, shampoo, conditioner, nail clippers, septic powder, flea comb, hair dryer.

Brushes: get a soft slicker brush. Don't get the Universal slicker brush as it is too hard and can scrap up the dogs skin. #1 All Systems, the medium or large.
Comb: Metal comb. The ones made by Master grooming tools are good. I like the fine/coarse or medium/coarse 71/2 inch long.
Nail clippers: Master Groomer small 5 1/8 inches.
Septic Powder: Top Performance, it's called MediStyp.
Flea comb: Any metal Flea comb will do. Use it for is to get the crust out of of the hair around the corners of the eyes.
Shampoo and Conditioners: My personal favorites are: Pet Silk Moisturizing Shampoo and their Moisturizing Conditioner. Micro-Tek Medicated Shampoo made by EQyss. Always dilute whatever shamoo you use. I do a 10 to 1 (water to shampoo).
Hair dryer: The best to get is the kind that blows the water and dirt out of the hair. The forced air dryer. These types of dryers won't burn the coat and skin.

Now for Do it yourself owners the following are must haves:

Clippers: The ones I like the best is the Wahl Arco cordless clipper. They have a five possition blade and come with 4 clipper combs. This is a very nice light weight, quiet, easy to use clipper. Scissors: You don't need the most expensive pairs of scissors, but a decent pair that will last you are the ones made by Dubl Duck. The 8 1/4 inch Fillipino 88B. Forcepts: Is for pulling the hair out of the ears. You may want to leave this up to your vet or a good groomer that knows how to do this. Grooming table with arm: A nice size for a Kerry is 36 inches long by 24 inches wide. Ear cleaner and ear powder. Doggy tooth brush and tooth paste. Forced air dryer. I have the Air Force Commander 4.0 horsepower.

You can find all this equipment and more at PetEdge. Go to

Recommended Books that you can get at

They have a huge selection of books and videos on Health, training and everything in between.

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