For serious inquiries, please fill out the For sale questionnaire.



We don't have any puppies for sale at this time.


Please note:  If you are serious about buying a Kerry then please fill out the Questionnaire at the link above. 

Sorry but We cannot sell to anyone that doesn't have a fenced in back yard. We WILL NOT sell to anyone with an Electric Fence. 

This doesn't keep your Kerry safe.  If you are a first time buyer for a Kerry Blue Terrier, I advise you to do a lot of research into the breed

and pay close attention to the Terrier Temperament.  If you are looking for a quiet dog that will lay at your feet and not require activities and

training, then a Kerry isn't for you.

This breed is for active people and they love children.  They love to play and be involved in everything that you do.  If you are NOT into going

to training classes and or into training your dog, then DON'T get a Kerry!!!

We will NEVER talk Anyone into getting a Kerry Blue Terrier.  So please, don't call us or email, IF you want to compare dog breeds.

We just don't have the time go through each breed and do comparisons of each breed that your "thinking" about getting.  This is only a

decision that you (and) your family can make. We are glad to talk to you about Kerries and give you information on the breed and our


Buying a dog is a lifetime (of the dog) commitment.  Don't ever buy a dog at the spur of the moment. 

Don't buy a Kerry Blue Terrier just because it's pretty.  These are dogs, like any other breed, that take commitment to training, grooming

and the right foods and medical care.

We stand by all the puppies that we sell and am very willing to help out with these puppies from puppy hood to and through their adult lives.

Expect that one of us or us or a friend of ours will want to go to your home, to be sure that it's a safe and great home for one of our


Expect to sign a contract whether buying a pet or a show puppy. We are breeders that really care about the puppies that we have. 

And will refuse to sell to anyone that we think won't be the right home for one of our puppies. We work very hard with our puppies from

when they are born to the time that they are sold and beyond. We expect their owners to care for them in the same way. 

They are family members and are not to be tied up, left alone or to run loose where they live.  This isn't a breed to be ignored!