I've gone through lots of different foods for my dogs. The ones below are the best ones I've used so far.

This is what I feed my puppies:

Begin to feed the pups around 3 weeks of age. Goats milk, raw hamburg or buffallo meat, a tiny bit of liver (always raw, cooked liver has given my dogs and pups loose stools.), raw whole eggs and goat yogurt. (Dogs don't do well with Cows milk and puppies will get collic from it. Goat milk and other goat products are much better for the dogs.)

Mix this with kibble that was ground in the blender. (Ground the kibble DRY) Take 2 heaping tablespoons of the ground kibble and add water to that until it has the consistancy of pudding. Then add some goats milk, (about a 1/2 cup), two heaping tablespoons of meat, one tablespoon of yogurt. Mix that all up, then feed enough to feed the 6 pups. Usually half of this mixture, 3 times a day. Twice a day add a tiny pinch of powdered Vitamin C.

Keep the pups on this "puppy pudding" for about 3 weeks. When the pups are 6 weeks soak the kibble until it's soft then add all the same ingredients, except that I add the raw whole egg to their food once a day. This continues until they have their teeth, then don't worry about making the kibble soft. Just ad water to it and the rest of these ingredients is fed to them the rest of their lives.

A good change is to cook chicken for the dogs. Cooked whole chicken in a pressure cooker, enough so that all the bones are soft and mushy, (the leg and thigh bones don't mush up so I take them out and throw them away.) and mushed all of it together with some summer squash, and fed that to them. The dogs love it!

The only bones that I give my dogs are the big knuckle bones. That is they are the end of a cows femar (leg). I throw away any small peices that they break off, so they don't swallow it. These kinds of bones in particular do a great job of cleaning the dogs teeth. Plus they get many minerals they wouldn't normally get.

Here are some great websites to do some good reading about dog foods:

Now for the kibble. BE careful and read the labels! I'm constantly doing dog food research, so keep checking back to see if I've added anything new.

The best foods I've fed my dogs is whole raw or cooked foods with certain added supplements. Dog foods are NOT what they claim to be. So be careful.

For those of you that won't feed a raw diet the kibble is listed first. Raw prepackaged and freeze dried are the best foods you can feed your dog besides a home made diet. Dogs do much better on these diets! Kibble is cheaper, but NOT better than the freeze dried, frozen or home made diets.

The kibble that I've been feeding for the past couple of years is: Taste Of The Wild, High Prairie formula. Because it's grain free and has 4 different meats in it as the first 4 ingredients. I mix this with some raw beef and a raw egg.

Another food I like to feed is made by The Honest Kitchen. It's a Dehydrated food. I feed their "Force" formula. This is a great food as it's also grain free and it's really easy to travel with. I do add raw meat to this food.

If you are going to feed a canned food I would suggest Evangers or Merick. They seem to be better than the rest.

I like to buy the meats from the grocery store. Ground chicken, pork, beef and buffalo. This way it's definatly human grade. It's better for the dogs and I've fed it raw or cooked it and mixed it into the dogs food. (I always cook the pork and chicken).

Pre made raw Frozen foods that I've feed my dogs and puppies, so far, is Steves real Foods and the Buffalo Mixture Bravo. They absolutely love the food and have done very well on it.

I did my first raw food diet on "Ranger". He did very well on the Steve's real food, frozen and freeze dried. The benefits of this food (like with any raw or homemade diet) was that he never had bad breath, his coat, skin and eyes were perfect. He also had great muscle tone and no fat on his body. I had to feed a lot more of the Frozen as the water content is higher, but he loved the food and did very well on it. I like the freeze dried better as it's great to travel with and much easier to store.

This page will be ongoing so check back every now and then to see if I've added other foods to the list!

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