Angela Chase is not just the newest member of the Wildside Kennel, but she will be taking over the entire Wildside program of breeding, grooming and handling of all the Wildside Kerry Blue Terriers that we breed and keep, as I am retiring due to severe back problems. No, I'll never be without a Kerry! And as for as long as I can, I will show what ever Kerry I live with and will always advise on the breeding and grooming of our Kerries. (It's too hard to give all this up!)


Angela is the best student I've ever had and she is a fantastic handler and truely loves the dogs and cares about the breed as much as I do! I think of her as the daughter I never had.


After I met her at shows down in Florida, in Jan. 2009, I saw in her incredible tallent and the willingness to learn. She is a very quick study and keeps me on my toes! I decided then to co-own my latest puppy bitch, Shay, with her. The two have been one hell of a team! Shay lives with Angela. She groomed, and showed Shay to her championship, herself. She shows her in Jr. Handling and has qualified for Westminster Kennel Club and Eukanuba for Juniors. Because of Angela, Shay became a great show dog and I have no doubts that Shay will produce great pups for her as well.






In 2004, I was watching a dog show on Animal Planet. I wanted to try it.  I had narrowed down my search to two breeds: Westies and Beagles. After spectating my second show and watch someone stripping a westie I decided it was going to be a beagle. My parents were not going to groom this dog for me and I did not want to spend two hours getting this dog ready.  My parents weren’t also just going to go out and get me a show dog either. I had to train my dad’s pet basset before I could get my own. Meanwhile my parents were looking online for a retired Champion beagle. Their search led to Kristine Kreatur of Brushyrun beagles who had Piccalilli. (CH Brushyrun’s Felty’s Piccalilli.) Almost a year later ( Feb 2005), we entered the ring together and place second in a class of 21. I was hooked. In 2006 I was looking for a new juniors dog because I had a fantastic year with Lilly and it was time for her to retire.  Joy Ellewanger had offered Athena for me to show. I had a beagle puppy, Walker ( Ch Tung’s Walk the Line Mr. Walker), but he hated the ring.  After a rocky start we got our act together and started winning.  I co-bred Athena( GCH Adare’s the Right Answer) with Joy  and got Zeus( Ch Adare’s Top Hat and Tails). He was the sweetest Kerry dog ever.  I took him to the Brooksville circuit to find his last major and met Diane there. 

 3 months after that meeting Shay came to PA. After getting over her fear of my dad she blossomed into a wonderful show dog.  She and I have competed in juniors together  for a little over a year.  Now Diane and I are partners and I am proud to carry on the Wildside tradition.